Monday, September 12, 2016

Tripped at Facebook

Nita and Sameer have been married for three months and it’s only now in the fourth month, they could manage to go for their much awaited honeymoon – thanks to the work pressure these days. Like any other girl, Nita was very excited about the honeymoon. She had imagined about all the dresses she would wear, the poses she would pose for pictures, and ah! All the covetous Facebook updates and location check-ins she would post.
This trip was a surprise for Nita from Sameer so she was really anxious to find out where he has planned the trip. On the entire way to airport, Nita was curious to find out whether the taxi is going to the Mumbai International Airport or the domestic airport. The moment they reached the airport, her face turned sour, ‘Sameer tell me where are we going?’
‘Goa,’ cheered Sameer.
‘Goa?’ asked Nita in disbelief.
‘Yes. Why? What happened? Finally we are on our honeymoon, and we will booze and chill and have fun. Three cheers to our trip. Hip hip hurray! Hip hip hurray! Hip hip hurray!’
‘Wait a second Sameer. I thought you would plan an international trip for us. Why Goa?’ Tears welled up in Nita’s eyes.
Sameer immediately gauged the situation and he knew he had to troubleshoot it with utmost care. He was good at it, after all he was an IT guy. Troubleshooting difficult issues and working under pressure is his forte.
Gathering his wits, Sameer moved close to Nita, in the confines of the cab, and hugged her tight. He knew this worked for girls. ‘Oh my baby! I did all this for you and trust me it is going to be fun. Virgin beaches, candle light dinners, you in your pink floral dress with a tiara on your head and sand under your feet running towards me and I standing there with arms wide open, cool breeze in my air and love in my eyes, waiting eagerly to take you in my embrace – this is all I wanted for us, this is all I wanted baby!' Sameer tried to sound romantic and sad at the same time. 'I thought you be would be happy to be anywhere in the world if I am there by your side.’ Sameer pulled her out of his embrace and squeezed her hand, hoping for his magic trick to work on his wife.
And it worked.
‘I am sorry Sameer. I never thought you had put so much thought and effort behind this trip. Sorry.’
Sameer hugged her again and exhaled.
Pulling herself out of Sameer’s embrace, Nita clicked a selfie of hers and Sameer’s in the taxi and posted it with the message ‘ feeling loved’ on her Facebook timeline along with location check in and the destination of her trip ‘flying to Goa with Sameer Khandelwal'.
In the meantime, Sameer wriggled out of the cab and heaved a sigh of relief.
The only thought that blinked in Sameer’s mind was ‘Booze! Booze! Booze!’ He was super thrilled. He missed his friends. ‘Kaam chalaa lunga,’ murmured Sameer to himself.
‘What?’ quizzed Nita.
‘Whh…a…t? Nothing!’ grinned Sameer.
Nita took lot of pictures at the airport lounge – selfies, single shots. Sameer wanted to have a beer and relax but his time at the airport was wasted taking Nita’s pictures.
‘Sameer! Take this shot. Sameer! Take this pose,’ mimicked Sameer angrily while in the washroom.
‘It’s okay. Goa is calling. If not here then there.’ Sameer consoled himself.
Sameer and Nita finally reached Goa after a series of photo sessions in the flight.
Sameer was tired.
‘Baby, we will go to the hotel and take some rest.’
‘No baby! What about our candle light dinner? You told you will take me for romantic dinner!’ snorted Nita.
‘Nita I have planned that for tomorrow night. Tonight we will rest in the room.’
‘Okay,’ murmured a disheartened Nita.
Sameer did a ‘yes’ behind Nita’s back. They hired a cab. Nita was really looking forward to a luxurious stay. On the way to the hotel, she imagined herself posting for pictures in Taj Vivanta.
‘When I will check in at Taj, Shruti will be really jealous,’ guffawed Nita, ‘How she was boasting her pictures of Thailand. Bleh!’
‘And that Tina, she even bullied me about not going for honeymoon. I really would love to see her face when she will see my check in at Taj.’
‘Nita, hotel has arrived,’
Nita looked up from her phone excitedly and was shocked. ‘This is the hotel we are going to stay in?’
‘Yes! Isn’t it beautiful?’ replied Sameer merrily, ‘They have a swimming pool; air conditioned rooms, free wi-fi connectivity and above all a television! Isn’t that awesome!
Nita broke out with a loud cry. Sameer didn’t understand what was wrong. ‘Nita what happened? Why are you crying? You are feeling sick?’
‘Nita couldn’t mutter even a single word. She cried on continuously. She felt cheated. ‘Sameer, I thought you would have booked a room in Taj. This is our honeymoon dammit!’
‘Nita, Cool down!’
‘I am sorry!’ Sameer’s troubleshooting skills were fading in this situation. He didn’t know how to make her understand.’
Now the only weapon of defense was counter tears. Sameer stopped consoling Nita and started rubbing his eyes himself. Nita looked at him from the corner of her eye.
Guilt stabbed her in her stomach. ‘I am sorry darling. Please don’t cry. I didn’t mean to hurt you. I know you did all this with lot of love. I am really sorry.’
From behind the hands, Sameer’s eyes grinned sheepishly. He understood his strategy worked this time.
He embraced Nita and entered the hotel to check in to the room. He was looking forward to the football match between Manchester United and Real Madrid. ‘Tonight is going to be fun!’ cheered Sameer.
Nita made most out of the place they were in. She clicked photos near the pool, the hammock, the restaurant area, the sea view from their room balcony but she remained upset the entire night.
Sameer was busy with his football match but he saw that Nita wasn’t happy. He went to her and hugged her to cheer her up. ‘From tomorrow to next three days, we will have lots of fun. Trust me sweety.’
Sameer tried to keep up with his promise. They visited different tourist places in Goa. Nita was very happy as she got to click selfies everywhere and do Facebook updates. ‘As long as the Facebook updates are going fine, nothing to worry,’ thought Sameer.
Sameer was looking for a peaceful and relaxed vacation but it was full of visits to different places and tiresome rides in the hot coastal weather. He really missed his football matches and beers which he thought he would enjoy in his Goa stay. ‘I would return more tired from Goa than I had been while coming from Mumbai,’ grumbled Sameer.
‘Nita, we have come here to relax. And we are just travelling from one spot to another. Instead of going to all the beaches, can’t we just go to one beach and chill out there?’
‘No Sameer! We have to take pictures everywhere. I have to post it on Facebook. My friends will be really jealous,’ chortled Nita, ‘Don’t I look beautiful in that photo with a pout taken on the cruise?’
‘Yeah,’ yawned Sameer.

'What's wrong with people these days! Do they travel to enjoy or take pictures. Especially selfies, arrgh! I have started hating it. I had come on this trip to relax but the stress to take pictures is more than the stress to finish my deadline in the office,' groaned Sameer, 'a day will come when people will post pictures of passing stools as well.'
 Nita interrupted Sameer's thought, ' Sakshi was really surprised when I told her that we visited casino.'
Jolting out of reverie, Sameer asked, ‘But when did we visit casino?’
‘You just shut up. We have to show the world how happy we are, you understand? International trip is in trend these days. We didn't go for that so at least we should romanticize our Goa trip as much as possible. Otherwise how will people know how happy we are. Plus, how will I show off my newly bought dresses, shoes, and bags? You don't understand anything baby,’ Nita nudged Sameer, giggling.
‘But how will you post a casino photo if we haven’t been to casino?’ asked a confused Sameer.
‘I don’t have to post photos of that. I checked in at these places on Facebook and that is enough.’
‘Nita, you are impossible!’ moaned Sameer.
Finally, the last day of the trip arrived. Sameer was happy. He wanted to return to his office cabin and relax. Nita was bit upset but she wanted to do as much as possible on this last day. She took photos everywhere possible.
‘Nita, don’t go there. It is slippery over there. You will fall. Come back baby.’
‘Don’t worry baby. I am fine. Just one photo, baby, please.’
‘Okay, hold onto that railing. And be careful.’
Nita smiled and posed on the big rock.
‘Say cheese baby,’ cheered Sameer, happily as this was the last day of the trip.
‘Sameeeeeeeeeeeeeerrrrrr…’ Thud thud.. ‘Ouuchhhhhhhhh.’
Before Sameer could realize anything, Nita was on the ground. Sameer ran towards her and picked her up. Nita was weeping with pain. Sameer took her to the nearby hospital. Nita had fallen off that big rock and fractured her right foot. She had to plaster her foot. Sameer took her to the hotel worrying about their return. He knew it would be impossible for her to travel back now at least for two days. Reaching the room, Nita hugged him tight and apologized. He smiled at her and said, 'I love you!'

Nita cried uncontrollably. 'I love you too baby.'

'Now relax baby. Take this pain killer and go to sleep. I will cancel our tomorrow's return ticket.
Tucking her into bed, Sameer  went to the balcony with his phone and postponed their trip for some more days. When he came back to his side of the bed, Nita was fast asleep. He kissed her on her forehead and went to sleep.

Next morning, they both sat in their sea facing balcony peacefully. After the last four days of photo spree, this was a welcoming change for both of them. They sipped their tea relishingly, watching the lazy sea gushing against the sand coyly.  
Sameer took his phone lying lazily on the center table, opened his Facebook page, and posted, ‘feeling peaceful with Nita Rai Khandelwal.’

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