Thursday, July 31, 2014

My Caterpillars

I had it in me
As I had my sweet little bee
With me.
The newness of it,
Though bloomed out
When felt I again
Two lives alive in me.

Bloomed out
The two caterpillars
From not the wedlock,
But the love galore
He decanted on me.
Every touch he touched
Was divinity personified
For me.
Blessed I am thus,
To have his seeds in me.

World knows not
Being loved how it feels to be.
Understands only they
The language of bondage and slavery.
My Caterpillars!
Dreams of yours
To bloom into a butterfly,
Buzzing around
In joy and glee,
Is something mum scares to fulfill. 
Life I can promise you
Till the dusk tomorrow.
Forgive mum
For putting you through this sorrow.

My Caterpillars!
Muma’s secrets you will be.
Deep concealed.
Remain you will in my soul
Like life’s unforgotten reel.

Begs mum to two of you.
Grant me a chance once more
In years to come.
To roe you,
To nurture you,
To blossom you,
Into colorful butterflies,

Fluttering around

Psychedelic flowers
Of joy and spree.

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