Thursday, September 11, 2014

Bow to the Serpent God

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Squiggled my feet

Through the dense path of the divine abode of the Serpent Gods.


Before the King of Serpent Gods,

Who stood there,

Silvery as the milky divine splendor of millions of pallor,

 Bright and invigorated as the cheerfully yellow and youthful sun,

Shimmering with the magnificence of emeralds stuck to the hoods,

Hissing the assurance of miracle of love

I yearned for

In the parched sandy long slithering days,

In the moonless, frozen nights of insanity,

In the dreams of togetherness,

In the crowded trails of loneliness.

Among the faces grinning with happiness.

My hands came together to pray,

My soul bowed before the divine bay.

My mind pondered thought,

Not negative and gray.

Still …

My love!

You are not here,

 Leaving my heart alone to stay.

Begged my heart before the King of Snakes.

To grant this lifetime and life after

To tread the path of green savannahs

Thorny lands

Salinized sands

With you.


Omen He sent

Through his angel

Accepting my prayers for miracle

In the form of yellow ashes

Spreading a grin of positivity

On the face of a helpless girl

In me.


Promised I

To return to him with you

In years to come

To prostrate before him

For the blessings he bestowed

On me.

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