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Thursday, September 11, 2014

Bow to the Serpent God

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Squiggled my feet

Through the dense path of the divine abode of the Serpent Gods.


Before the King of Serpent Gods,

Who stood there,

Silvery as the milky divine splendor of millions of pallor,

 Bright and invigorated as the cheerfully yellow and youthful sun,

Shimmering with the magnificence of emeralds stuck to the hoods,

Hissing the assurance of miracle of love

I yearned for

In the parched sandy long slithering days,

In the moonless, frozen nights of insanity,

In the dreams of togetherness,

In the crowded trails of loneliness.

Among the faces grinning with happiness.

My hands came together to pray,

My soul bowed before the divine bay.

My mind pondered thought,

Not negative and gray.

Still …

My love!

You are not here,

 Leaving my heart alone to stay.

Begged my heart before the King of Snakes.

To grant this lifetime and life after

To tread the path of green savannahs

Thorny lands

Salinized sands

With you.


Omen He sent

Through his angel

Accepting my prayers for miracle

In the form of yellow ashes

Spreading a grin of positivity

On the face of a helpless girl

In me.


Promised I

To return to him with you

In years to come

To prostrate before him

For the blessings he bestowed

On me.

Monday, February 17, 2014

Burning Desire

Utopian always I was.
Been dwelling there for long.
Reality though hits me bang on face.
Scared am I so?
The world thy built is fascinating and all.
Fears my heart the burns though.
Flowing with the wind has been the trait instilled, so
Prepared is my soul to
soar high above the sky
swim deep down the abyss of the sea
pierce through the hard bushes of the green,
only oath you take  to be with me.

Let the desires burn ogre to lit the whole world ablaze.
Let the heart pound faster for the histories of human to feel the sound.
Let the adrenaline rush not but swoop down harder to stifle the stillness of the grave too.
Let death be our aim.
Life then be a game.
Let's take risk.
Let's go wild.
Let's ruffle up in dirt and
smell the mud.
Let's challenge the cult.
Life is wild.
Let's live it wild.
Burning embers are fine.
Be the aflame fire your desire.
Jump into the lit.
and resurrect again
to gamble in the world of desire.

Let my finger twirl between your strong stubborn ones.
Let my body feel the rub against yours.
Swoosh me instantly in your arms.
Kiss me hard at the points that kick desire.
Let the lump swing up in my throat.
Let the butterflies in my stomach flutter.
Let the heat meet heat.
Let the two melt and be one
to show me the divine.
Love you shower on me I know.
Let's make our world dirty with lust and pleasure.
Let the social in us subside.
Let us be the animal.
Let's taste the forbidden apple.
Let's let loose the Satan.
Let's cross the threshold of paradise.
The paradise built by the God and the world.
Let's make hell our abode.
Where sinning is a pleasure.
As lust and love we seek is accepted not in paradise.

Tuesday, October 15, 2013

Tum ho toh sab hai. Tum nahi toh kuch nahi.


Tum ho toh sab hai. 
Tum nahi toh kuch nahi.

Na yeh phool khilte hai. 
Na koi bahar aati hai. 
Mausam karvat lena bhool jaati hai. 
Sab kuch jaise tham jaata hai. 
Tum ho to sab hai .
Tum nahi toh kuch nahi.

Saansain saans lena bhool jaati hai. 
Ankhen jaise nam ho jaati hai. 
Honth jaise chup ho jaata hai. 
Pair jaise ruk jaate hai. 
Tum ho toh sab hai.
Tum nahi toh kuch nahi.

Dard dard dena bhool jaate hai. 
Khushiyan ankh milane se katrate hai. 
Tum ho toh sab hai. 
Tum nahi toh kuch nahi.

Pyaar bhi inkaar lagta hai. 
Dua bhi sazaa lagti hai. 
Tum ho toh sab hai. 
Tum nahi toh kuch nahi.

Thursday, September 26, 2013

The night I anticipate to come ...

Rowing on the plank of wood,
With you by my side,
Sheathed under the pallor of moon,
In the tranquility of unflappable water,
With savannahs staring us from the sides,
Is the night anticipates me to come.

Shore far away from the sight,
Amidst the green water
All night,
Staring far at nothingness,
With thoughts tranquil as the inert pasture
On the water side,
Is the night anticipates me to come.

Fingers fiddling betwixt fingers,
Body resting on the resilient shoulder,
Limbs rubbing coyly against each other,
Souls flowing out to be together,
Is the night anticipates me to come.

Stillness on the move,
Softness in the wilderness,
Darkness in the pallor,
Loneliness in the togetherness,
Is the night anticipates me to come.

On the shore,
Dreaming the night
I anticipate,
I held the horses for long.
Hide and seek has been played enough.
Shun the thoughts!
Come along!
To make the night I anticipate,
The real,
Giving a reason
In our reminiscences
To beam wide.